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Summer weddings are traditionally a warm combination of elements that really create a feeling of sunshine and light for your special day. Summer wedding colors are usually relatively sharp and bright. Traditionally the entire theme is bolder and stronger than those in other seasons, and you can carry this idea through your entire wedding theme. There are many ways in which you and your intended can brighten the mood from flowers to table decorations, wedding favors and overall color selection.

Here are some ideas to help get you thinking about how you might want to achieve your summer wedding theme.

Summer Wedding Ideas Colors To Warm The Heart

In general summer wedding colors can be more of a "statement" if you would like them to be! You could choose to make use of colors such as lime green, mandarin orange, coral and royal blue. Other more traditional summer wedding tones include balmy mid-purples, rich peaches, ice whites, baby yellows and pale blues. As with any other seasonally themed wedding it is the combination of colors that really makes the difference. Some good summer themed wedding color combinations include:

    Royal blue or luxurious navy blue and silver.

    Rich peach with pale purple and clotted cream ivory.

    Lime green and mandarin with ice white highlights.

Summer Wedding Ideas Flower Power

Summer flowers tend to be warmer and deeper in color. You can make use of beautiful flowers for your summer in your bouquet, and also for button holes, hair flowers, decorations, place settings and center pieces.

Choosing your flowers by season not only gives you a theme for your special day, but it also ensures that your chosen blooms will be at their very best. Even more importantly they will be easy to locate and less expensive than at other times of the year. In the summer time the following types of flowers are in season:

Amaryllis, Anemone, Camellias, Catkins, Orchid, Dogwoods, Eucalyptus, Fruiting Ivy, Heather, Pussy Willow, Rosehips, Rosemary and Twisted Willow.

Summer Wedding Ideas Decorations With A Difference

There are so many different ways that you can decorate for your summer wedding that it will most likely be a hard choice to make! Here are some great examples of summer themed wedding table decorations to start getting you both thinking:

Floating candles in glass bowls. Good colors to choose are sun ripened oranges, yellows, lime greens and pinks. You can even get sophisticated floating candles in the shape of fruits such as oranges and limes.

Flower pots with blooming blossoms such as traditional rose buds and pussy willow. You could choose to have a flower pot in the center of each table.

Glowing candle sticks in crystal or shimmering gold. These will not only look beautiful, but will also help to set a romantic mood on your special day.

Butterflies are not only beautiful to look at, but are also as symbol of the essence of sunny summers day. You could choose butterfly shaped candles or butterfly decorated candle sticks. If you wanted to you could even amalgamate butterfly shapes them into a flower arrangement attached by wire to create a feeling that the butterflys are actually alive!

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